Partnering Is The Best Marketing

Join forces with online stores who will recommend your products
in exchange for you to recommend theirs.

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Recommend & Be Recommended

DandyLoop enables you to easily create a network of partners, Online-stores with which you will cooperate using mutual product recommendations - you recommend their products and vice-versa. Use the platform to discover the best partners, or be discovered by them, and increase your traffic and sales.


Discover, be discovered, and partner with stores whose visitors will be interested in what you have to sell them.


Your partners will recommend your products and you will recommend theirs. The more you share the more you get in return.


Increase your traffic and sales by an average of 15% without paying for a single ad or click.



Stores in the Network


Recommendations Made

How it works

Your dashboard is where you discover the best stores to partner with, get discovered by them, answer your invitations, manage your network of existing partners and manage their performances and impact on your store.

The DandyLoop plugin, is how the recommendations are made. It will recommend both yours and your partners' products, automatically recommending the products that will optimize your traffic and sales. To see the plugin click here

What our customers say

  • “I highly recommend this app and the service if you are looking for something helpful AND easy to work with :).„

    Lisa / My Fashion Answers

  • “This is an amazing app that everyone should install.​„

    Justin / Geekroom

  • “Great way for customers to see what other products you offer. The app allows you to either feature products from other websites that are relevant to your products, or just feature products on your website. Amazing customer service feedback as well, if you have any technical issues DandyLoop replies right away.​„

    Christina / Trend Tribe

  • “This is a great App. The customer service has been spectacular. I would highly recommend this app..​„

    Adewale / Fragrance Fanatic


Meet the Team

We are a small team with great skills. We would love to get to know you better, so reach out.

Omer Rachamim

CEO Co-Founder

Marketing and advertising expert.

Amit Smoller

CTO Co-Founder

Tech guru in everything web & mobile.

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